Friday, September 19, 2008

Free admission to Walt Disney World on your birthday.

Next Year you can get into Walt Disney World ‘free’ on your birthday

Orlando Sentinel - Free admission to WDW on your birthday by

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Titanic exhibit moving back to I-Drive Florida


The Famous Ship is sailing back to International Drive, with plans for new additions and renovations.

Sentinel - Titanic moving back to I-Drive on Tourism Central Florida

Friday, September 12, 2008

Living in Orlando

Imagine living in Orlando…

Warm (nay hot), busy and just begging for you to bring your ‘you’ to it.

Yes it’s boring and humdrum as all life is. But here you at least have an opportunity to ‘star’. It’s going to be down to you and the American Way to succeed and what better place to try.

A failure here is down to you.

OK the job market is overcrowded but you can stand out here if you have ‘it’.

Hold out for that job at a Theme Park. If you are the right person you will get it.

Start at the bottom and work your way up.

People live in Orlando and not everybody is a visitor.

The whole entertainment industry and infrastructure of this tourism based city is run by humans – just like you.

Find a place to live in Orlando.

This page shows the areas where you may want to buy a home to rent to visitors before your move with links to a Real Estate Agent who can find that home for you -

Orlando, Orlando, Orlando.

What is it about Orlando?

Is it just the Theme Parks?

Maybe it is but maybe it’s the fact that because it holds ‘The Happiest Kingdom’ it has become the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’.

There can be few places that all members of the family, even the kids, are happy to go to.

Every day hundreds of planes land filled with happy people.

Take the entire family any other place and somebody won’t want to go…

Kids don’t want to visit Grandma. Pop doesn’t want to spend two weeks with the kids. Mom just want’s a happy family and sun.

Well, here they can have it all.

Sure it’s over commercialised but so are our lives.

Orlando is a perfect reflection of modern life. Fast, busy and packed with all the things we would like to do all the time….

Food – everything you could ever want at almost any quality and price range.

Entertainment – come on Las Vegas has the casinos but Orlando has, well, everything. You can even gamble if you want (need to have your sea legs with you though)

Shopping – Discount Malls and ‘regular’ shopping. Discount Malls for all and regular shopping for international visitors to marvel at all those American things that they can’t get.

Transport – Well the car is king but as expected the Rental selection is vast. Warm weather tempts a convertible. Vacation mentality draws you to the special set of wheels that you can’t afford for everyday use. As a ‘Great American City’ Orlando has great communication by road and is improving and tweaking them constantly. Check out - - for an overview of the system.


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