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Why should you want to go to Orlando for your family vacation?

Why should you want to go to Orlando for your family vacation?
It is an easy to get to location, in an area with abundant transportation facilities or affordable rental cars. Amazing theme parks catering for all ages, all closely situated.
At Universal Orlando there are two parks, where you can find movie themed action and thrill rides,'Universal Studios' and 'Universal's Islands of Adventure', with 'The Wizarding World of Harry Potter'.
SeaWorld Orlando, is not only a theme park, but invites guests to take part in sea life close up tours, and actively runs many conservation programmes around the world.
Take a trip on a Swamp boat ride with alligator spotting!
There are water parks, miniature golf, many golf courses. Horse riding, cycling, water sports. All in a close proximity.

And of course Walt Disney World is an entertainment and 'magical' complex. 
Split into four theme parks, The Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot, each hosting thrill rides, shows, parades and all kinds of entertainment for all ages.
The Buena Vista area of Orlando is a holiday zone, hotels, rented apartments and houses all with easy access to the parks and there are plenty of stunning hotels attached to each of the theme parks, to absorb you into whatever holiday experience you wish for, with separate beaches and water sport facilities being part of the deal.
Food is also a big part of the adventure, and you will not be disappointed, all tastes are catered for in the area, there are many many restaurants, in the parks or hotels, if you venture away from the parks and go visiting nearby Kissimmee or Downtown Orlando the locals take pride in their food establishments and offer an amazing service and choice. Also local food trucks are becoming very popular catering for a wide range of cuisine.
This is just a snapshot of what is to me, the perfect holiday destination, particularly if you are catering for the whole of the families needs.
My summary does not do justice to all that is on offer at this amazing location in a beautiful Florida setting. 

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