Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Railroad at Walt Disney World Orlando.

One of my favourite pastimes at the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Theme Park is to take a ride on the Walt Disney World Railroad, I find it so relaxing, just sit back and take in what is surrounding you. As you go through the different lands of the park, you see the impressive magic that the Disney imagineers have created. 
I love to 'people watch' seeing people from all nations gathered together, with excited happy faces from young and old. Parents letting go and acting like children, children with wonder in their eyes. Try waving from the train and you will be sure to have someone wave back! 
The four narrow-gauge trains have three station stops Main Street, U.S.A., Frontierland and Fantasyland.
Guests can hop on and off at which ever station you desire or stay on for a journey around the park.

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The Disney Chef said...

I love the railroad and I always forget to leave enough time to really relish in riding it.

Thanks for the sharing and the great pictures, plus the memories of great train rides past. :)