Friday, December 18, 2015

A Visitor's Review of Nightly Now Snowing. Celebration Florida.

A few days ago on Friday December 11th 2015. We visited Celebration to see the nightly 'snow'. 
Walking around the waterfront as the sun went down, there was an air of anticipation, people were gathering, restaurants were beginning to fill, the festive horse drawn carriages were giving customers their romantic ride through the streets of beautifully decorated houses and glittering streets and children enjoying the Celebration Express train and a visit with Santa. We all headed for the street where the loud speaker was playing music, locals and visitors stood waiting looking up and suddenly it started to snow! Grown ups excitedly told their children 'it's snowing' holding their hands up to the snow, children started sliding and making snow balls, the scene was one of wonder and joy, smiling faces, small babies seeing 'snow' for the first time, young and old, playing as children. I stood watching and thought to myself, this is all pretend! but the magic was making us all believe, because we wanted to.  Well done Celebration for creating this magical experience.
We then wandered through the town in search of 'Food Truck Friday.' Another wonderful sight met our eyes, I imagined one or two food trucks, but there were quite a few, all offering a great choice of tastes, we made our choice and the food was gourmet specification with all condiments and cutlery included, ready to eat. Delicious.
At the venue there was also entertainment by a local school band and restroom facilities in the community building. The event had a wonderful community feel, it felt safe and family friendly.
We were there early. As we were driving out of the town, there were many many cars driving into Celebration, I imagine things got pretty busy! I can see why it's so popular.

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