Friday, March 04, 2016

Splash Mountain Ride, Thrilling, Popular and Wet! At WDW Florida.

remember my first encounter on Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Orlando. I had seen the drop and 'splash' from the view point on the bridge in Frontierland and I entered the ride with trepidation, being afraid of heights, but not wishing to disappoint my excited family. 
The journey through the story of Br'er Rabbit was fun and entertaining, setting an incredible scene as you ride along on the log flume with audio animatronics and songs from the Disney's 'Song of The South'. The build up to the excitement at the end was done very well, as we approached the 'drop' I held on tight, clenched every muscle in my body, took a deep breath and.........looked up outside to see the biggest brightest lovliest full moon I had ever seen, as I exclaimed "look at the moon" I yelled out with a mixture of dread and loveliness, there was a thrill and rush of excitement as we plummeted down for the invigorating  'Splash' that I will never forget. It was truly a Disney moment.
(The ride was equally as good when I went the second time without the moon!) 
The laughter and look on fellow passenger's faces as they compared how soaked they were was wonderful. 

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