Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sheltering from a Thunderstorm in Disney Springs Orlando Florida.

Central Florida can be very hot and sunny most of the time but Thunderstorms do happen quite often. We were caught in one recently at Disney Springs and it was spectacular. 
As the sky got darker outdoor attractions began closing down, restaurants started to get busy, there was a feeling in the air that something big was going to happen, we had our raincoats at hand and found a place to shelter, listening to the rumbles of thunder that were getting closer.
The natural weather show was spectacular, scenes of amazing lightening filled the sky and very loud thunder seemed to be above our heads, the rain poured down and our meagre fairly open shelter was useless against the power of the rain. Shops were full with people sheltering, we decided to make a dash for it to an ice cream store where there was just enough room. We felt compelled to buy an ice cream, after all we were using their services! 
As the storm moved on, we dared to venture out onto very wet and sometimes flooded pavements, the volume and speed of water was so great it caused mini floods, which soon washed away.
After the storm which lasted about 45minutes the sky cleared the sun was beaming down, the air fresh, everything was drying out and life went back to normal!

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